The Parish Council has recently bought a defibrillator unit which is now in a secure cabinet attached to the outside of the Alan Crompton Hall.

Instructions for how to access this in the event of an EMERGENCY (where you think someone is not breathing or their heart may have stopped) are on the outside of the cabinet.

IF you think you may need to use this unit in an emergency please:

1. Call 999 and ask for the ambulance service

2. Ask for the code to unlock the cabinet at Sutton Heath (it is registered with the ambulance service) and will be given to you over the phone

3. As you wait for the ambulance to arrive use the code to unlock the cabinet

4. Take out the defibrillator unit and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS which are very clear on the unit itself

Please Note that special pads for children under 8 years of age are being ordered and will be placed in the bag with the defibrillator as soon as they arrive.  For anyone 8 years and over the normal pads can be used.

More information will follow on this. The Parish Council is very pleased to be able to provide this safety feature for Sutton Heath in the sincere hope that it will never have to used.

If you have any questions please contact the Clerk, Buffy Thompson at email: